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Steven Escobar Nominated for People's Choice 2012 Fan Award for Favorite Profile Picture

Dear Fans, yes today, Wednesday, December 7, 2011 I was nominated for the People's Choice Fan Award for Favorite Profile Picture on Facebook. 
Please Vote now and help me win a VIP trip to the show!

Boo Boo Stewart from Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One Thanks Steven Escobar on Facebook

Hello my Fans and Friends, I want to share the great news that Actor/Singer Boo Boo Stewart from Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One and Two Thanks me on Facebook for all the coverage I have coordinated and done on his behalf. You can find our coverage on Boo Boo Stewart on Diversity News Magazine at, Diversity News Publications at and Diversity News TV on YouTube at

Please feel free to see it and please leave me your comments. Thank You.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teamsters Local 2010 Attorney Jason Rabinowitz not representing University of California Employees

Read what Mr. Murillo posted on his Facebook account about the response he received from the Law Offices of Beeson, Tayer & Bodine stating: "I traveled to make sure the the Teamsters Local 2010 was represented in AFL-CIO LA to Ohio Campaign to repeal Senate Bill 5 which was defeated by 61% to 38% vote. The ironic part is that Teamsters Attorney Mr. Rabinowitz (Beeson Tayer, and Bodine) and wrote me a letter stating that he did not represent me but rather represented the Union. It seems that the Union's Law Firm has a problem representing me even though I have no problem representing the Union. I thought that I was the Union and the reason the Unions lawyers get a retainer. I have been trying to get the representation that I have been paying dues for over a year and a half to no avail. The members of this local have a legitimate right to fear for their jobs because when a Union Lawyer can tell that he does not represent you but rather only represents the Union Contract and the dues that it collects in essence there is no Union Representation of the Membership. In the mean time its seems that UC managment is engaged on a c..."  

Beeson, Tayer & Bodine is located at Ross House, 2nd Floor 483 Ninth Street Oakland, CA 94607. Here is what the firm website history reads: 
Dear Friends and Colleagues:
As the Senior Partner, I have been asked to narrate a bit of the history of our law firm for our website. I can do this based on first-hand knowledge since 1961 when I arrived, and on reliable hearsay for the first quarter of a century during which the firm existed.
The origins of the firm are traced to the mid-1930’s, when its founder, Justice Matthew Tobriner, who later served on the California Supreme Court, opened his office in San Francisco as a sole practitioner. Early on, he accepted an opportunity to represent labor organizations, an area of the law to which he was intellectually and politically attracted. Justice Tobriner’s commitment to the labor movement established the direction the firm has followed for seventy years.
Following Justice Tobriner’s lead, the firm has always specialized in representing labor unions and their members. Then, in the 1970’s and 80’s, our practice expanded into the areas of employment benefits covered by ERISA and related fields in which labor organizations are involved. More recently, the firm has become active in employment law of all kinds, including representation of individual employees in wage and hour, discrimination, harassment, and other types of cases; mediation and negotiation-facilitation services; and has also developed a specialty in education law as an outgrowth of representing teacher unions. We now have eleven attorneys in our Oakland office, and eight in our Sacramento office, which was founded in the mid-1970’s.
In addition to Justice Tobriner, two of the firm’s past members have been appointed to the judiciary: Justices Joseph R. Grodin (California Supreme Court) and Leland Lazarus (California Superior Court).
The firm’s future is likely to build on its history, offering the services of a small, dynamic legal office with intimate professional client relationships, prominent involvement in all aspects of labor relations, and an unceasing dedication to improving the lives of working people.
Duane B. Beeson

The website also states that: Beeson, Tayer & Bodine has represented labor unions and collectively-bargained employee benefit plans in California for over fifty years. With offices in Oakland and Sacramento, the firm serves clients throughout the Western United States.
But reading Mr. Murillo concern this firm is contracting themselves because Mr. Murillo is right, the Union is taking employees dues and they are not helping to work with employers like UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center or Santa Monica Ucla Medical Center aka Regents of California. Working at UCLA Ronald Reagan and Santa Monica UCLA Medical Centers is a nightmare and they treat their employees with no respect and dignity at the Wilshire Center Patient Business Service.

Dear Fans and Readers, What do you think of Mr. Jason Rabinowitz response to Mr. Murillo? Should Teamters Local 2010 fire the Beeson, Tayer & Bodine firm?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Staff Prop Staff at The Gibson Amphitheater a Bad Event Company and Huge Mistake


Staff Prop who are an agency to work the venue was is a huge mistake by UNIVERSAL CITY WALK'S GIBSON AMPHITHEATRE for having them on the field working. 
I was covering as an approved media/press outlet the above event and some of the security people of Staff Prop behave very unprofessional and very rude. According to their website their mission statement is the following: “To provide a safe and enjoyable event for our guests and fellow team members in a courteous, professional, and efficient manner.” Well I did not see nothing like that.

We were not allowed to even go to the restroom because if we do so, then we can not come back. It is ashamed how desperate some firms are. By the way I warm staff at UNIVERSAL CITY WALK'S GIBSON AMPHITHEATRE the I will post this blog and they did not show any care of it.

Because of the treatment and bad rude service by Staff Prop I do not want to ever cover an event at UNIVERSAL CITY WALK'S GIBSON AMPHITHEATRE and neither sending my staff to do so. I hope UNIVERSAL CITY WALK'S GIBSON AMPHITHEATRE fires them and select a better people friendly firm to handle their events.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Join me in my efforts to support The 27th Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles

Hello my Fans, Friends, Supporters and Sponsors,

As you may have notice I am a very strong supporter of AIDS Walk Los Angeles. I have been raising money for AIDS Walk Los Angeles benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles. Since 2003 when I created our team Diversity News 3960 with the great support of my company Diversity News Publications and until this day, my obligation to give back continues, but I can not do it alone, so I am asking you to please sponsor me by making an online donation to this great cause.
So please visit my page at

Thank you for supporting AIDS Walk Los Angeles benefiting APLA. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


Esteban "Steven" Escobar

Diversity News 3960 or Diversity News Team 3960

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FOX X Factor USA Premiere a Nightmare Thank to APPLAUSE STORE - a big SCAM

Hello my Fans, Friends and Loyal Readers,

I am not Perez Hilton, but I want you to know and I share with all you that I was so excited to be part of this experience, but became a nightmare for me and my friends. I was not sure what to expected, so I email in private emails, social media like Facebook, LinkedIn the I was going to the THE X FACTOR™ HOLLYWOOD WORLD PREMIERE on 9/14! to  to join, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, LA Reid and Nicole Scherzinger. Let me tell you the we waiting outside the ArcLight Cinerama Dome located at 6360 W. Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA  on the line for 3 hours. 
Something else to mention was the on the ticket requested "DRESS TO IMPRESS!!!" well let me tell you the people were in shorts and t-shirts. Any how I do not care of their image. Let me copy what the ticket from APPLAUSE STORE USA says:

This Official Applause Store eTicket is valid for: 4
Venue Map & DirectionsDoors open: 16:30 pm
Doors close: 17:00 pm
Finish (approx): 19:30 pm
Min Age: 13+ (Photo ID required)
Dress code: DRESS TO IMPRESS!!!
**AS THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE PRIORITY PASS TICKET, YOU (& YOUR GUESTS) MUST ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE DOORS OPEN FOR GUARANTEED ENTRANCE. PLEASE ENSURE YOU REPORT TO THE APPLAUSE STORE MANAGER UPON ARRIVAL.You are now officially invited to join SIMON COWELLPAULA ABDULL.A. REIDNICOLE SCHERZINGER and STEVE JONES at theEXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIER of THE X FACTOR in HOLLYWOOD!Have you got what it takes to go interact directly with THE X FACTOR judges? Have you always wanted to ask Simon, Paula, Nicole, L.A. and Steve Jones a cheeky question? Well now you can also be part of the live Q&A! How amazing is that!!!
Upon your arrival, you join the entire X Factor team at the Hollywood World Exclusive Premiere red carpet, meet all the judges and then get a front row seat to see the first episode of THE X FACTOR before it premiers on FOX on September 21st!
This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a first glimpse of Simon Cowell's new show that is searching for the next great superstar or group who are all competing for the biggest prize in television history; a $5 million Sony Music recording deal and an appearance in Pepsi's 2012 Superbowl spot. 

I can tell you the after we (me and my friends) were admitted we were routed to the red carpet, where the venue? or FOX or Applause Store USA staff security would want to keep us there. The reason they wanted media/press outlets to report and show the hundreds of people were there for the premiere but the is just acting.
Any how I was in there for about 2 hours, I wanted to go to bathroom and this STUPID security wanted me to go out, I told him there is no bathroom there and he say you must be outside of the Theater. I told him I really need to use the restroom. Finally I was routed and when I was close to Theater this person told me the with the pass I have I would not have access to heard  SIMON COWELLPAULA ABDULL.A. REIDNICOLE SCHERZINGER and STEVE JONES speaking. 

I told my friends to live the place, but some of them stayed and didn't care be treated like second class citizens. Any how when I was leaving I approached the main publicist, event I gave her my business card. Let me tell you the I tried first to go as regular fan of the show, but I saw couple non reputable media/press outlets representatives crashing on the event and they got ALL ACCESS CREDENTIALS. So when leaving I told them who I was and was refer to the person in charge. A Chinese women which I introduced my self and even gave her my media/press representation business card. Yes I  represent Diversity News Magazine, and  Any how she told me to wait. I waited more, shen she left and I saw she even left my business card on the table. This women needs some ethical and professional training.
I finally gave up and yes at the end of the day, I learned my lesson the because of this I will not watch The X Factor USA, but I will give FOX Networks, FOX TV a second chance. Contact me at: or call me at (213)321-9408.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Hollywood and Highland Complex SICK of Parking Rip-off by New South Parking Company

Today Monday, September 12, 2011 I went to cover an event at The Grill on Hollywood Blvd inside the Hollywood and Highland Complex and I was there less then 2 hours and when I was driving to pay with my validated parking the attendant say it was $6.00 and I told him the my ticket was validated and he say that you need to pay after 2 hours? If you see the photo it says the you pay only $2.00 dollars with validation after 4 hours. 

I am so sick of Hollywood and Highland Complex because they always rip-off people and they do not care. Like this person who charge me he even did not wanted to accept cash for the payment. He is a lazy employee who say he did not care about me writing and complaining about this terrible experience.
So I ask you not to park at the complex any more, take the bus or ask somebody to drop you off. By doing so, the parking company will not get enough customers to park there and they will loose their jobs. Also the will affect the business owners of the complex but the fault is on New South Parking staff who do not care about your complaint. This guy (male) say he was doing his job. They event blame the business owners, not sure if business owners do not want to pay for their customer parking but hey that's a business expense for them and they can write it off when they pay their business, state and federal taxes.

For your information: The underground parking facility for the Hollywood and Highland complex is operated by New South Parking, a partnership between the largest parking company in North America, Central Parking (HQ in Nashville) and Global Parking Systems (HQ in Indianapolis). The logo is Central Parking's. As of June 30, 2007, Central Parking operated approximately 3,000 parking facilities containing approximately 1.4 million spaces at locations in 37 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Switzerland and Greece.

So I can tell you from now on I will avoid to park in the complex.

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Like Esteban "Steven" Escobar Official Facebook Fan Page


Hello all my fans and friends,

This month which is my Birthday month I need you to show me your Love, Support and help me by LIKE my fan page, share it and ask your friends to LIKE it.

I've just gotten a cool new username for my Facebook Page. Please help me grow the page by doing 3 quick things: (1) like the page, (2) like this wall post and (3) share this page with a Facebook update that says: "C heck out my friend's new page,, for the tips on running your marketing efforts on social networks."

If you already did, I want to say again THANK YOU.

Thank you for all your support, Love and help.

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Steven Escobar Unveils Official Facebook Fan Page

Hello every one, please check out my official Facebook welcome fan page. Yes lots of creative things are happening with Diversity News Publications and we are working very hard to brand our products and services and as well our people who are part of Diversity News Publications. 
So take a minute to check out my Official Facebook Fan Page and add me or LIKE me. 

Here is the link, please click to LIKE now

Thank you.

Congratulations & Happy Birthday To The Man In Charge Esteban Steven Escobar

Yes, September is my Birthday and I am so happy the Diversity News Magazine, published by Diversity News Publications is featuring and unveiling me on the front cover page of their special print edition for the month of September 2011. 

Please check it out and feel free to leave me any comments. Thank you and Happy Safe Labor Day Weekend 2011 to all my fans, friends and The Diversity News Publications Family of Companies. Please check Diversity News Magazine at and Diversity News Publications at

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Steven Escobar Unveils Official Diversity News Radio, On AIR with Steven Escobar Poster

Hello my fans and friends,
Have you notice my Official Diversity News Radio, On AIR with Steven Escobar Poster? Well I hope you like it and one again your comments is always welcome. 

Please remember to listen and follow my radio show at   
Thank you for your support.

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David Harrison Levi Keeps Harassing Journalist Steven Escobar from Diversity News Magazine

After posting yesterday here on my official blog I started getting messages from David Harrison Levi begging me to remove all links (which he was not specific) from the internet. Not sure why this guy keeps harassing me! 
I will remove the "NOTES" I wrote on my official Facebook page, but they will be added here on my blog for you my fans, friends and loyal readers including every one who want to see how David Harrison Levi do not get it, the I do not want nothing to do with him and he must move on with his miserable life.

Every one, please see the multiple Text Messages the David Harrison Levi sent from 424-274-8707;the is proof of all the harassment (click on picture to see the contents on normal size) I received on: August 30, 2011 - August 31, 2011 from David Harrison Levi:

Once again let me make this very clear to: David Harrison Levi & his FOLLOWERS to "Please STOP Harassing me and to STOP all kind of communications of any shape of form. Let me request to please remove my name, numbers and emails from all of your lists,
Failure to do so, could be violation of The Federal Trade Commission laws - so cease and desist your harassment immediately.

Last but not least I want to thank all you my Fans, Friends, Colleagues and Loyal Readers for all your calls, messages and emails. As you may know individuals like David Harrison Levi can not tell Media/Press outlet representatives of what to report or write. 
So I ask you to please share my blog with every one to be aware of people like David Harrison Levi who are molesting and harrasing people like my self for doing our job and as I stated before we (I) report what we see and I (we) have an "OBLIGATION" with you the fans and loyal readers. 
Also remember THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA reads “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
This is the reason why David Harrison Levi and his "FOLLOWERS" are mad at me and Diversity News Magazine

Every one, please leave all your comment here on my blog, do not leave anything on Facebook. Thank you for all your support and understanding.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UPDATE: Fake Profile or Impostor Profile created by David Harrison Levi or his Followers REMOVED by Facebook

Hello my dear fans and friends, the profile the was created by David Harrison Levi or his Followers have been REMOVED by Facebook.

Please remember people the some of us we just doing our job in this case David Harrison Levi and his "FOLLOWERS" are mad because I reported about an event at Cafe Entourage the was a failure and he or they did not like it. Keep in mind the I represent couple "MEDIA/PRESS" outlets and you can not tell us what to report.
I (We) reported what we saw at the event and many of you are glad the finally somebody wrote about the scams and lies of Mr. David Harrison Levi.

Here is a message for you Mr. Harrison,
Please STOP and ask your "FOLLOWERS" to stop damaging my reputation, I was just reporting what I saw and I have an obligation with millions of fans, readers and friends. David Harrison Levi, let make this clear you are not and never considered you my "FRIEND". For me friendship have lots of meaning and it is not just using other people resources or lie to them or crash at their events. Not sure why people are still been your "FOLLOWERS," but one day they will realize the you are not a "LEADER" and the you just trying to ride their tails. Please get a LIFE and respect Journalist people like my self - Move on with your life and warning do not attend to intimidate me in any shape or form because if I have to use my legal resources I will. Very important for you and your "FOLLOWERS" do not try to create any other Facebook account because you are not ready what is in store for you.


Article published on Diversity News Magazine:

THE LEGAL TERM: The pictures and information on any of my official Face Book pages are legally protected. If anyone is using this information or pictures without the express written consent of my publicist or management are violating Federal Law, State and International laws and will be aware the you may be pursued both criminal and civil to the fullest extent of the law. Questions email:

I want to thank all my loyal fans, friends and readers for helping reporting this Fake profile and please remember that creating Fake Profiles on Facebook is a violation of their policy. 

Once again Thank you for all your LOVE, Support and Loyalty.  

Steven Escobar
Executive Editor-In-Chief
Diversity News Magazine published by Diversity News Publications

Thursday, August 25, 2011





Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breaking News: Recording Artist Arnold G Stabbed with a Knife by Gold Coast Bar Patron in West Hollywood

It is sad to share with all you my fans and friends but my website Diversity News Magazine have just reported the following "This is just in, crime activist and recording artist Arnold G (Arnold Garcia) was stabbed with a knife on Friday, July 15, 2011 around 1:40 am by Gold Coast Bar patron in West Hollywood, CA.Per Arnold G he was with friends at Gold Coast bar and met a guy who claimed was from Minnesota about 6’6′ heavy blonde guy wearing red shirt the just arrived in Los Angeles visiting and drinking on the bar by himself. So they decided to talk decided to talk to him to say hi.“I ran back to Goldcoast since I know people there will help me. I bang on the back door for anyone to let me in. I finally got in. I asked Bill who was our bartender. If he remember the guy. He denied. The manager short bearded white guy said, if didn’t happen here, you will need to leave the bar. While I’m badly bleeding and shocked, this manager have no compassion nor being nice about it. He nearly kicked me out. ” said Arnold G.Gold Coast Bar is located at 8228 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, CA, 90046 and is known as the neighborhood bar of West Hollywood. Arnold G’s ring finger was stabbed and his car, keys and cell were stolen by Gold Coast Bar patron.Arnold G have file and reported this incident to LAPD and if saw this guy you can contact them at 800-222-8477 or LA Sheriff Department at (310) 855-8850."
Breaking News: Recording Artist Arnold G Stabbed with a Knife by Gold Coast Bar Patron in West Hollywood

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Self-promoter David Harrison Levi and Followers Apparently Escorted Out by Security in Hollywood; The Truth is Clear and Out Loud

Hello my Fans and Readers, After over 8 months investigating a Self-promoter known as David Harrison Levi. I published my article on my online magazine Diversity News Magazine on June 30, 2011 under the title of:

Self-promoter David Harrison Levi and Followers Apparently Escorted Out by Security in Hollywood

The story have received hundreds and very close to reach thousands of views, comments and more people are coming out and speaking up about this individual. I want to thank all my sources and every one for supporting the truth. Let me tell you the as an editor in charge of Diversity News Magazine I feel me (we) have a responsibility to inform all our loyal readers and fans of the truth and what we saw and heard.
So please click the above headline link for you to read my complete investigative story the is getting alot of attention from many individuals, politicians and corporations.
Portion of story: Sometimes enough is enough. But let’s take a look, judge for yourselves. We’ve been watching for some time now the shenanigans of David Harrison Levi, self proclaimed promoter, Starmaker, Breast Cancer Awareness man, flag waver and fighter for the downtrodden, as  well as “award winning”, “I got a certificate” cause  sufferer of the dying and recently dead, if you can believe that!? And let’s not forget, self-professed, lifelong, dearly devoted, friend to such people as Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr, just to name a few. By the way until we see actual proof of each claimed “lifelong” mutual friend relationship that he publicly claims he’s a part of (uhhhh, casual encounters, a one-time event, arranging or jumping into a photo at an event, or Photoshopped photos don’t count as proof)And some of his representations of a recent event he tried to hold a few nights ago just scratches the surface of what appears to be a small example of his constant and numerous misrepresentations of the truth over a year or more. Some people might call these out-right lies, fantasies, and / or cons. You be the judge.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Diversity News Magazine Wins Exoti Media Award at Exotifit by Maria Amor Media Appreciation Season II

Hello fans and friends, sorry for not updating you on my recent activities. I want to share you the exciting news the Diversity News Magazine the one I am in charge won Exoti Media Award at Exotifit by Maria Amor Media Appreciation Season II.  Also our contributor photographer Francois Palais won the Exoti-Photographer- Season II.
I want to thank every one for nominating and awarding me the award. It means alot to me and Diversity News Magazine, published by Diversity News Publications. Thank you again.
To read the entire story visit

Monday, April 25, 2011

Steven Escobar Nominated for EXOTIFIT by Maria Amor’s Media Appreciation Season II

Dear loyal readers and fans, I am so happy and honored for been officially nominated by EXOTIFIT by Maria Amor’s Media Appreciation Season II in the category of Exoti- Family Season II. It is not usual for media to be recognized but for me just been nominated it tells me that I am doing something good and I know not every one will like my content on this blog or other sites the I write for but that's FREEDOM here in the USA. I like how many of us accept to respect other identity, culture and values. Living in this DIVERSE country is one of the best things of this world. I want you to be free to express your self on this blog, anything constructive is always good to improve. I want to also congratulate the people the have been nominated on the same category and I wish them good luck.

I want to thanks Diversity News Magazine for highlighting my name on their site, I guess that's the privilege I have for been part of such a great publication the I work so hard to make it the number one. Please read story and find out who else was nominated @

Friday, March 25, 2011

UCLA Employees to Rally: Our Communities, Our Jobs Rally on March 26th at JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles At L.A. Live

Unions Employees to united for Our Communities, Our Jobs Rally. Some of the people marching are employees from the UCLA Health System (Ronald Reagan & Santa Monica UCLA Medical Centers).

Employees will be protesting for been in a deadlocked in Negotiations with UCLA President Mark Yudof over a renew contract for more then 3 years with no end in sight. UCLA have been blaming the economy, but UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel is getting paid $1.7 million dollars to coach the football team.

Per Wikipedia site "On December 29, 2007, Neuheisel was introduced as the head coach of the UCLA Bruins in a five-year contract that pays him $1.25 million per season and includes incentives that could add $500,000 a year.[23]"
Per UC Union Employees Neuheisel salary is just one example of UCLA's waste of public funds. The ironic of this is the UCLA Employees are been told that they have no money for raises and that their benefits for the University are very expensive.

Join Teamsters and Coalition of University Employees (CUE)
 Executive Boar
d on:

10:00 AM - Gather at JW Marriott,
900 West Olympic Boulevard
in downtown Los Angeles
11:00 AM - March begins
12:30 PM - Rally begins at 
Pershing Square

For more information visit Facebook Events page at: &

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rite Aid Pharmacy and Store Apology Letter to Esteban Escobar

After my posting here on my personal blog I received couple calls from Rite Aid Pharmacy and Store Customer Service, Corporate including Rite Aid Corporation Pharmacy District Manager. I spoke Uzair Rao, Pharmacy Distric Manager who was very embarrassed of the incident at Rite Aid Pharmacy on Gower and Sunset and did apology on behalf of the company. He also asked me to give the company and the store a second chance. I agree with it and he even email me an apology letter. 
Please click on the picture to see the letter here and next time please SPEAK UP your mind if somebody treats or do you wrong. 
I believe in second chance and I have agree with Mr. Rao the If I need the pharmacy or store services I will consider them.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's All Boycott Rite Aid Pharmacy Worldwide, especially Rite Aid Pharmacy in Hollywood

As I wrote on my Facebook account on Friday, February 25, 2011. I told you the I will be blogging about the bad service provided to me at Rite Aid on Gower and Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA. The Pharmacist and their clerks do not care about you get well, they even do not follow your doctor prescription orders. What kind of pharmacy is that? I have notice that they care to become richer and richer and they give to their customers just pure excuses. Honestly I stopped at the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions because it was a raining day here in the  Southland and is close to my home.
But when I pick up my prescriptions this pharmacist was given me less of what the doctor have prescribe. I told her the I will contact my insurance company and then I walked to the manager who is a Latino man who did not do anything, just waste my time. Any how I needed also some vitamins and they did not have it, so I have to drive during the hard raining and I saw another Rite Aid. I park my car and call my insurance company and spoke with a representative that told me that I can have the amount of pills I needed but because I left already and pay Rite Aid for the pills that they gave me, then she can not authorize the additional pills. You see what happens, next time do not leave the pharmacy get on the phone with the insurance company and they can tell those "Pharmacists" to get their act together.

Here is what I need from you all my readers, please Boycott RITE AID Pharmacy WorldWide. Let's make sure they go out of business for not caring about us the customers. I never want to go RITE AID stores and pharmacies and you should do the same. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Justin Bieber new haircut Look, does he looks like Comedian KATE CLINTON

I do not think he looks like lesbian, he only wanted a new look and change. Hey the kid got $$$$ so he can make him self over and over many times as he wants. Justin Bieber ROCKS all my way.
What do you think Justin Bieber fans? Do you like his new look? or their is a new kid in the Block already better then him? 

The below statement came from our media friend: published 2-22-2011.
Until his testicles drop..he WILL be confused as a LESBIAN..
he looks like the fabulous Funny lesbian comedian KATE CLINTON..
Hey KATE you have you left in Canada?
Beibercut  KateClinton
Source: via

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hearing the name VENICE BEACH, CA makes me SICK

I guess since my experience last year on 2010 when I went with this actress to eat and drink. Well we order food and when it was time to pay, they have lost my credit card. I usually never ever carry CASH. So we waited for over 1 hour and they can not find the credit card. Any how to make short story. The manager apology and even offered us more free food and drinks and signed a $50 discount for next visit. I told him I will never come back, but my starving actress took the voucher.

So please do not ask me to go to VENICE BEACH, CA because my experience is very bad. I saw while walking by the peer drug users, dirty streets, Pop users (Mariguana), drinkers, kind of some business owners. Sorry dear City of Venice, CA residents and city council, but you got alot of work to do to fix the city and make it for visitors to come back. It is also hard to believe the actress  lives in the ghetto neighborhood, oh well I guess that's her choice because she got lots of money. Since the time I never went back and never hope.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Response Cease & Desist Letter to Flanery, Barbara S. of UCLA Health System PBS

Please see above response from my Law Offices Parker Stanbury LLP to email received on Thursday, February 3, 2011 from UCLA Employee: Flanery, Barbara S. 
This lady should have been working at the time when she email this nasty email to my self. She used UCLA domain email and property for her own gains. See also copy of the email, I received from her below.
As you may see above Flanery, Barbara S have violated UCLA Health System employment rules and regulations. She have used UCLA resources, such as UCLA domain email, even company time for her own gain and the is against company policies, procedures and rules. This information have been forwarded to her management and even upper management for immediate action againts Flanery, Barbara S.
Copy of this posting have been forwarded to: UCLA PBS Management, Upper Management including Barbara S Flanery direct supervisor.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UCLA Patient Business Service Letter to David Feinberg-CEO & Associate Vice Chancellor

On January 16, 2011 we received the attached letter from an UCLA Patient Business Service employee. The letter was sent as Anonymous to David Feinberg-CEO & Associate Vice Chancellor.

See photos of the letter and words if what it reads:

December 2010
David Feinberg-CEO & Associate Vice Chancellor
UCLA Medical Center Enterprise
757 Westwood Plaza Ste 1320
Los Angeles, CA  90095-7400

Dr. Feinberg,

I am writing this letter to inform you of the discontent that is present in the Patient Business Services Office under the directorship of Bernadette Lodge-Lemon, the management of Margarita Flores and Sureya Lopez-Monarrez As a tenured employee and one that reports to Margarita Flores and Sureya Lopez Monarrez in the past, I feel it necessary to inform you of the discord that the employees are feeling. My name will not be attached to this letter for reasons of possible management retribution. Let me begin by stating that I have seen managers come and go, but none as incapable as Margarita Flores who was brought here from Cedar-Sinai. Never could anyone have told me that our current management staff would be as it is today in these departments.

I will begin by saying that Margarita Flores has been here a little more than two years. The following are instances where she was seen to have acted inappropriately and unprofessionally in situations that could have become volatile. Instance number one, Margarita had instigated a confrontation between two of her female employees, one of whom has since resigned, the other remains an active employee, both of these women were written up after the incident. She has had an issue that escalated between her and another employee go as far as the director (Bernadette). In the first incident these two women were called into Margarita’s office and faced each other with accusations that Margarita instigated between the two, it reached the point where both were very loud, and those of us in the outside cubicles became very concerned, although Margarita was heard a few times interjecting but the point being is that this situation could have become very dangerous in these times of violence in the workplace. We were all concerned yet knew this situation was not addressed in the professional managerial manner which was workplace appropriate. There was a second incident where again Margarita (manager), Andre Scott (manager) & another employee engaged in a conversation on the floor where all employees could hear discussing and attacking an absent employee. The things said should have been said behind closed doors and not in the common work area, yet another display of unprofessionalism in the work area.  She (Margarita) has been known to take what one employee says about another to her in to that employee thereby causing discord in the group. We believe that Margarita would be better suited in another capacity rather than where she currently manages.

Not one employee wants her to lose her job, which I know she won’t, but feel she is a better fit not having to deal directly with employees. When we, as employees need assistance from mangers in their offices rarely is anyone available to help. Most times the assistance is quick often times leaving us feel as though we are bothering them, this is not a good feeling when you are asking for help when needed. We are not sure the reason Bernadette feels so adamantly about leaving these people in their positions, because when we had interim managers,(Margarita’s group) things went very well, we were assisted without hesitation and attitude. Employee morale has declined drastically since her return, It is true that all employees will not always be happy with management but a replacement for her would be a great start. The majority of complaints are referencing Margarita Flores. There are times when Margarita is interacting with her Spanish speaking employees on the floor and is speaking to them. This has been addressed and yet it still occurs.

This is not a” witch hunt” or attack on management of the PBS Department but if employees are to be productive as required we will need to have a management team that we can depend on, that is fair and available as needed. The departments have monthly requirements that all strive to meet but most employees are so stressed that it is sometimes impossible to meet the goals that are set, thereby causing health issues for employees.
The best remedy for this department is to place Margarita in a non-people contact position. She definitely knows her job, but is not the person to manage the collectors in her department. Several employees have tried to leave her department to be placed with another manager and have been denied. It appears the department is waiting for one of three things to occur, resign because of the environment in which you are working, get  fired for productivity, get written up for an inappropriate response which could cause disciplinary action against you. It is my hope that the UC Statement of Ethical Values be reviewed with emphasis on Fair Dealing, Individual Responsibility and Accountability.

I ask that you investigate and confer with Bernadette to see if there is a remedy for this problem as our union is very much aware of the conflict that exists. Employees on the 16th floor in all departments are constantly expressing their discontent with the current management. Each section has its issues with the management in place but the group that reports to Margarita Flores appears the most unhappy.

Vice Chancellor, UCLA Health Sciences
Dean, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

David T. Feinberg, MD, MBA
Associate Vice Chancellor and CEO,
UCLA Hospital System

Patricia Kapur, MD
Chair, UCLA Faculty Practice Group
Budget & Finance Committee
EDITOR'S NOTE: As of date of publishing this letter David Feinberg, UCLA Health System CEO have not responded or taking any action. Employees of the UCLA Health System Patient Business Service are reaching to us for help. We hope more employees will SPEAK UP and contact us.

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