Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breaking News: Recording Artist Arnold G Stabbed with a Knife by Gold Coast Bar Patron in West Hollywood

It is sad to share with all you my fans and friends but my website Diversity News Magazine have just reported the following "This is just in, crime activist and recording artist Arnold G (Arnold Garcia) was stabbed with a knife on Friday, July 15, 2011 around 1:40 am by Gold Coast Bar patron in West Hollywood, CA.Per Arnold G he was with friends at Gold Coast bar and met a guy who claimed was from Minnesota about 6’6′ heavy blonde guy wearing red shirt the just arrived in Los Angeles visiting and drinking on the bar by himself. So they decided to talk decided to talk to him to say hi.“I ran back to Goldcoast since I know people there will help me. I bang on the back door for anyone to let me in. I finally got in. I asked Bill who was our bartender. If he remember the guy. He denied. The manager short bearded white guy said, if didn’t happen here, you will need to leave the bar. While I’m badly bleeding and shocked, this manager have no compassion nor being nice about it. He nearly kicked me out. ” said Arnold G.Gold Coast Bar is located at 8228 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, CA, 90046 and is known as the neighborhood bar of West Hollywood. Arnold G’s ring finger was stabbed and his car, keys and cell were stolen by Gold Coast Bar patron.Arnold G have file and reported this incident to LAPD and if saw this guy you can contact them at 800-222-8477 or LA Sheriff Department at (310) 855-8850."
Breaking News: Recording Artist Arnold G Stabbed with a Knife by Gold Coast Bar Patron in West Hollywood

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Self-promoter David Harrison Levi and Followers Apparently Escorted Out by Security in Hollywood; The Truth is Clear and Out Loud

Hello my Fans and Readers, After over 8 months investigating a Self-promoter known as David Harrison Levi. I published my article on my online magazine Diversity News Magazine on June 30, 2011 under the title of:

Self-promoter David Harrison Levi and Followers Apparently Escorted Out by Security in Hollywood

The story have received hundreds and very close to reach thousands of views, comments and more people are coming out and speaking up about this individual. I want to thank all my sources and every one for supporting the truth. Let me tell you the as an editor in charge of Diversity News Magazine I feel me (we) have a responsibility to inform all our loyal readers and fans of the truth and what we saw and heard.
So please click the above headline link for you to read my complete investigative story the is getting alot of attention from many individuals, politicians and corporations.
Portion of story: Sometimes enough is enough. But let’s take a look, judge for yourselves. We’ve been watching for some time now the shenanigans of David Harrison Levi, self proclaimed promoter, Starmaker, Breast Cancer Awareness man, flag waver and fighter for the downtrodden, as  well as “award winning”, “I got a certificate” cause  sufferer of the dying and recently dead, if you can believe that!? And let’s not forget, self-professed, lifelong, dearly devoted, friend to such people as Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr, just to name a few. By the way until we see actual proof of each claimed “lifelong” mutual friend relationship that he publicly claims he’s a part of (uhhhh, casual encounters, a one-time event, arranging or jumping into a photo at an event, or Photoshopped photos don’t count as proof)And some of his representations of a recent event he tried to hold a few nights ago just scratches the surface of what appears to be a small example of his constant and numerous misrepresentations of the truth over a year or more. Some people might call these out-right lies, fantasies, and / or cons. You be the judge.

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