Sunday, May 30, 2010

Announcement Regarding Sabotage By Two Video Individuals

Hello my friends and readers,

I know I have not posted anything recently here on my personal blog but I want to tell you the recently I was introduced to two Video individuals. They have "SABOTAGE" my client project and are using my company for their own benefit. I provided this two individuals access to cover one of my client events, and even to help them we agree to allow them to use our TV company name.
Well, now this two unethical are desperate to make some money, but what they have done is ruin a possible great relationship. I ask you to be cautions when you deal with this kind of "CROOKS."
I have no other option to send them a letter of "CEASE AND DESIST" as well my law firm will be sending also a letter of "CEASE and DESIST" to this two individuals. They are been officially warned the if they use the footage of my event and try to make money without our company authorization the is consider criminal activity and may be punishable by court of law.
Here is the meaning of Cease and Desist: A cease and desist (also called C & D) is an order or request to halt an activity, or else face legal action. The recipient of the cease-and-desist may be an individual or an organization.

The term is used in two different contexts. A cease-and-desist order can be issued by a judge or government authority, and has a well-defined legal meaning. In contrast, a cease-and-desist letter can be sent by anyone, although typically they are drafted by a lawyer.

UPDATE: Email date and time: Sent: Sun 5/30/10 2:01 PM
Also an email have been sent to all the artists interviewed at SHINE ON for Diversity News TV and here is what the email reads: Dear Artists,

If you receive and email from the two individuals whom were recording you at SHINE ON and using Diversity News TV please forward the to me as soon as possible. They have "SABOTAGE" SHINE ON project by asking for money. So the is the bad news, they would not release the interviews footage if we do not give them money. See my blog posting and I am working on a "Cease and Desist" letter and as well my attorney will be sending them one.
Please do not "PAY THEM A PENNY" Diversity News TV is my company own by Diversity News Publications. Thank You ~Steven Escobar

As soon letter get approved and mailed by my law office It will be made public and we hope you do not deal with this people because they are desperate to make some BUCKS.

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