Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teamsters Local 2010 Attorney Jason Rabinowitz not representing University of California Employees

Read what Mr. Murillo posted on his Facebook account about the response he received from the Law Offices of Beeson, Tayer & Bodine stating: "I traveled to make sure the the Teamsters Local 2010 was represented in AFL-CIO LA to Ohio Campaign to repeal Senate Bill 5 which was defeated by 61% to 38% vote. The ironic part is that Teamsters Attorney Mr. Rabinowitz (Beeson Tayer, and Bodine) and wrote me a letter stating that he did not represent me but rather represented the Union. It seems that the Union's Law Firm has a problem representing me even though I have no problem representing the Union. I thought that I was the Union and the reason the Unions lawyers get a retainer. I have been trying to get the representation that I have been paying dues for over a year and a half to no avail. The members of this local have a legitimate right to fear for their jobs because when a Union Lawyer can tell that he does not represent you but rather only represents the Union Contract and the dues that it collects in essence there is no Union Representation of the Membership. In the mean time its seems that UC managment is engaged on a c..."  

Beeson, Tayer & Bodine is located at Ross House, 2nd Floor 483 Ninth Street Oakland, CA 94607. Here is what the firm website history reads: 
Dear Friends and Colleagues:
As the Senior Partner, I have been asked to narrate a bit of the history of our law firm for our website. I can do this based on first-hand knowledge since 1961 when I arrived, and on reliable hearsay for the first quarter of a century during which the firm existed.
The origins of the firm are traced to the mid-1930’s, when its founder, Justice Matthew Tobriner, who later served on the California Supreme Court, opened his office in San Francisco as a sole practitioner. Early on, he accepted an opportunity to represent labor organizations, an area of the law to which he was intellectually and politically attracted. Justice Tobriner’s commitment to the labor movement established the direction the firm has followed for seventy years.
Following Justice Tobriner’s lead, the firm has always specialized in representing labor unions and their members. Then, in the 1970’s and 80’s, our practice expanded into the areas of employment benefits covered by ERISA and related fields in which labor organizations are involved. More recently, the firm has become active in employment law of all kinds, including representation of individual employees in wage and hour, discrimination, harassment, and other types of cases; mediation and negotiation-facilitation services; and has also developed a specialty in education law as an outgrowth of representing teacher unions. We now have eleven attorneys in our Oakland office, and eight in our Sacramento office, which was founded in the mid-1970’s.
In addition to Justice Tobriner, two of the firm’s past members have been appointed to the judiciary: Justices Joseph R. Grodin (California Supreme Court) and Leland Lazarus (California Superior Court).
The firm’s future is likely to build on its history, offering the services of a small, dynamic legal office with intimate professional client relationships, prominent involvement in all aspects of labor relations, and an unceasing dedication to improving the lives of working people.
Duane B. Beeson

The website also states that: Beeson, Tayer & Bodine has represented labor unions and collectively-bargained employee benefit plans in California for over fifty years. With offices in Oakland and Sacramento, the firm serves clients throughout the Western United States.
But reading Mr. Murillo concern this firm is contracting themselves because Mr. Murillo is right, the Union is taking employees dues and they are not helping to work with employers like UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center or Santa Monica Ucla Medical Center aka Regents of California. Working at UCLA Ronald Reagan and Santa Monica UCLA Medical Centers is a nightmare and they treat their employees with no respect and dignity at the Wilshire Center Patient Business Service.

Dear Fans and Readers, What do you think of Mr. Jason Rabinowitz response to Mr. Murillo? Should Teamters Local 2010 fire the Beeson, Tayer & Bodine firm?



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