Monday, January 10, 2011

My Worst Nightmare Experience Working at UCLA Patient Business Services

I do not know how to start this blog, but  I can tell you the I was pressure to accept a position as "Floot Pool" employee in the Patient Business Service building located on the Wilshire Center by Westwood Blvd and Wilshire Blvd. Well I became a "STAR" and they hire me before the trial of 2 months as their staff/permanent employee on the same department. 

Well things started to change, the Supervisor, a white old women that started acting sic and would not want to help with anything. The manager is a Gangster who is very over weight and very ill like the old supervisor women. Any how they make your life terrible and most of the employees on the 16th floor at the Wilshire Center. They treat employees like stupped with no respect, compassion and dignity.

Those people there do not like you to speak up your mind because they will retaliate and fire you up. It is sad to work for the University of CA (UCLA) and UCLA Health System because supposed according to their company slogan that you do not need to worry "Don't Be Afraid to Be Great"
Please do not go work for UCLA Patient Business Services because you will be ending ill and sic like some of them. So if you want to work for the worst department, then select UCLA Patient Business Services, but if you want to work in peace and want to be treated with respect, dignity, compassion then select a better company. 

Can you believe reports told me that the other manager who do not speak good english told to over 20 of her employees inside her office that one of her employees was out ill because she will have heart surgery at Kaiser Permanente! What! the is a big HIPPA violation and the women should be fire IMMEDIATELY from the office, but most of them do not have education and neither communications skills.

The office have the most turn over of employees because they get terminated and some even quit because the collectors managers and leads are crazy and treat them like TRASH.
Those people there are wasting money from the University of CA, some of the managers have no degrees and they keep firing and hiring employees for short terms. What kind of dysfunctional office is that? They need to be fire immediately.

Going back to HIPPA Violation they have paper all over the place, in the fax machines, copy machines in the cubicles and managers office. The paper is on the floor where visitors can see it and that is a violation of HIPPA and patient information because is not LOCKED and SECURE.

People do you want to go to a hospital where your medical information is all over the floor in the Business Office? If I were you I would go to a better small hospital where they take care of your health and medical information.

This posting will continue we are getting feedback from private sources and they will be sending some documents showing what happens inside UCLA Patient Business Services in the Wilshire Center. be continue



Caxperito Gonzales said...

Check another blog about Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, part of the UCLA Health System

Caxperito Gonzales said...

Here is the link

youcantbeserious said...
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Unknown said...

First of all let me start by saying good luck with not getting sued. Your comment about the manager being a Gangster is defamation of character Mr. Escobar, and your comments about people being fat and lacking the ability to speak good english are commical, these same things can be said of you. Second of all, how can you call yourself a journalist when your writing is full of grammatical and spelling errors. You also failed to mention in your blog that you were FIRED because you were threatening litigation almost everyday for some of the most trivial and petty reasons. People reading this blog, this man actually accused the clerk in the office of discriminating against him, claiming he was purposly withholding FAXES! You my dear, are a sad, sad man.

Caxperito Gonzales said...


Paul said...

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