Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years 2011 in West Hollywood was Full of Fights, Ambulance and Police

Wow lots of things happen during last hours of 2010 in Weho: 1st a men/women was drop outside of the venue because pass out, they call the ambulance, fire department and police, later a men approach me with a girl and were begging me to Kiss me at Cantina Club, gross I am not looking for it, them about 4 people fighting in front of Cantina Club; Second couple people fight in front of Mickys's and then we see Arnold G at Trunks Night Club, a gay bar with his friends drinking etc, and finally I drive a hot men car to my car. Good Night All.
I am not sure if this people were on drugs, but it was scary and dangerous been around them. Good some were kick out, but club's management in Weho they need to be more cautions.



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