Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rite Aid Pharmacy and Store Apology Letter to Esteban Escobar

After my posting here on my personal blog I received couple calls from Rite Aid Pharmacy and Store Customer Service, Corporate including Rite Aid Corporation Pharmacy District Manager. I spoke Uzair Rao, Pharmacy Distric Manager who was very embarrassed of the incident at Rite Aid Pharmacy on Gower and Sunset and did apology on behalf of the company. He also asked me to give the company and the store a second chance. I agree with it and he even email me an apology letter. 
Please click on the picture to see the letter here and next time please SPEAK UP your mind if somebody treats or do you wrong. 
I believe in second chance and I have agree with Mr. Rao the If I need the pharmacy or store services I will consider them.



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