Monday, May 27, 2013

Steven Escobar Leaves Facebook for Good

Hello Fans, Supporters and Friends, 

Yes, I decided to leave Facebook for Good. Too many people on the site that makes me feel unsafe and in danger. I don't need the kind of crazy childish unprofessional people around me. Please see an announcement posted by my publicist on couple of my FB fan pages that he runs for us. To all those real Fans, Supporters and Friends. I want to say Thank you and until next time. GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA.

"ANNOUNCEMENT: Hollywood, CA - May 27, 2013, Our own client Steven Escobar is gone from FB. Steven Escobar decided to leave FB because too many people were stalking, harassing  bullying, discriminating him. He have no time for drama or hateful sick people. Facebook was created to connect with friends and possible network in helping each other, not to harass or intimidate people. Due to his safety, he decided to be away from Facebook. 
Please show support, honor and LIKE him on his FB fan page at (adm:AL)"
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eric Zuley from WTV Networks Brainwashing, Lying and Playing You! Attacks Steven Escobar online

Hello my Fans, Friends and Supporters,

You may have seen or get a message from a guy name Eric Zuley who thinks he is big in Hollywood, but he is acting very childish and unprofessional. The guy who I used to help with his clients that he charges money to publicized them on his own made blogs have gone crazy after my attorney sent him a Cease and Desist letter. I can tell you that he have violated my attorney and myself request. Also I want to share this post by a friend of my responding to his alleged accusations of my self. As you may read below it shows that's man is really creating danger and unsafe condition for myself.

My friend response to the following site:

Eric Zuley from WTV Networks Brainwashing, Lying and Playing You!
I can tell you all that I contacted Mr. Escobar and he told me his WP account was hacked. Until this day he still trying to restore all the settings on his websites.
He have explained to me that this is a retailation by Eric Zuley from WTV Networks who is acting not fully developed and very childish. Eric Zuley is contacting people and brainwashing them against Mr. Escobar.
Mr. Escobar have not say anything about the alleged accusations of Eric Zuley because Mr. Escobar have no time to waste on negative outcomes. However Mr. Escobar provided a copy of emails Eric Zuley send to Joseph O’Donnell, publisher of EERIE Digest Magazine. Mr. Zuley asked Mr. Joseph to remove Mr. Escobar site from his. Is that the person you supporting? Eric Zuley then you been played by him. After that Mr. Escobar asked his attorney to send Eric Zuley from WTV Networks, WTV Online, The EZ Way Broadcasting, The EZ Show to Cease and Desist.
I believe Eric Zuley needs to act mature and to resolve this directly with Mr. Escobar. For those who have been brainwash I know as a fact that Mr. Escobar does not make any money from his sites, neither he is your personal publicist to make you look good. Mr. Escobar have no obligations with any of those fake, sick, con artist and scammers who are taking advantage of other stupid people.
I hope whomever is reading this post that what ever Eric Zuley is spreading are pure lies and you should not get involved.
Read partion of the letter send on 4-30-2013 to Eric Zuley of WTV Networks by Mr. Escobar attorney:
Eric Zuley
WTV Networks
Mission Viejo, California 92691
Re: Esteban Escobar, Joseph O’Donnell and Removal of Name from Site
Dear Mr. Zuley
Mr. Esteban Escobar has consulted with our office regarding your request that Mr. Joseph O’Donnell remove Mr. Escobar’s company name including the Diversity News Magazine from Mr. O’Donnell’s publications including the EERIE Digest Magazine.
Mr. Escobar respectfully demands that you cease and desist from any similar conduct in the future and that you do not mention, discuss, write about, email or text anything regarding Diversity News Magazine, Mr. Escobar and any of his business entities.
Should you wish to resolve this matter, please contact Mr. Escobar directly.
JM. A, attorney at law

About Mr. Escobar taking money from Eric Zuley that's another false statement. Mr. Escobar covered an event where Eric Zuley pay about $100.00 to cover 

Hope Luncheon & Fashion Show benefiting Union Rescue Mission on February 9, 2013, see article, with photos and videos at

 Mr. Escobar team went beyond with amazing coverage of the event.
I want to share with you who are attacking and spreading lies about Mr. Escobar that his attorney have also issue another letter issue May 24, 2013 to another person where they wrote the following:
"Harassment can be defined as unlawful violence, a credible threat of violence, or a knowing and willful course of conduct directed at a specific person that seriously alarms, annoys, or harasses the person, and that serves no legitimate purpose. The course of conduct must be such as would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress, and must actually cause substantial emotional distress to the plaintiff. (California Code of Civil Procedure sec. 527.6(b))." I ask you to stop the harrassment against Mr. Escobar.
On the same letter attorney writes to this individual for getting involved on his friends matter:"Additionally, we understand you believe you have standing to pursue your friend’s interests on his behalf.  Please note while you may have concerns about your friend, this does not give you legal standing. And, of course, even legal standing does not permit you to conduct the afore-mentioned tortious acts.  You are on formal notice that your contact with Mr. Escobar is unwanted, must stop, and further contact will be considered harassment."
So I hope you are now clear that getting involved in your friend’s interests will not give you any legal standing, so my advice, don't get involved on other people issues. People don't let Eric Zuley or any one brainwash you because you been played.
Source: Ripoff Report
NOTE: This is a copy and paste from Ripoff Report site.

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