Sunday, March 28, 2010

City of Los Angeles Parking Division of the County of Los Angeles

Hello Every One. I want to share with all you the after been back and forth with The City of Los Angeles Parking Violation Division of the County of Los Angeles, I have decided to pay the ticket and move on with my life. The fees with the City of Los Angeles Parking Violation Division are out of control.

Please see picture of the letter I received from them when they mail me the ticket, stating the their employee/contractor was not able to give me the ticket. I just feel I was rip off by the system.

What I learned; next time just look for a parking lot and paid for it. Don't risk any more and let the paid parking lots to make money and the City of LA Parking Violation Division will lost revenue.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The WEHO Awards the worst event of the year 2010

I can not believe The WEHO Awards, it is one of the most worst event of the year 2010. The website is not updated. People are not notify. I got calls and emails from the people the we nominated the they never even received their nomination certificates. Even inside sources of the WEHO Awards Governors Board disclose to me the they do not want to be part of it any more. Some even QUIT before the event was over!

What the tells you? The WEHO Awards are a JOKE. Whom ever played the game, they may gain something. But others will not even consider the crack again next time.

People are saying the is a just a excuse for organizers and "Governors Boards" to make a living of it. It is so sad the people have to take advantage of the beautiful city of West Hollywood to make a living. Well recommendations are if this kind of Awards continue that the City of West Hollywood Council should take over, not individuals whom their purposes is their own pocket, not the community. So next time when you heard about the WEHO Awards "It's Community Best's, Just turn around and continue walking because what all they want is to waste your time, energy, passion and dedication for the best city of Los Angeles County which is West Hollywood.

In my case, one of the publications I write "Diversity News," the #1 consumer news magazine was nominated as publication and the organizers wanted all nominees to pay the CRAZY fee of $300 to go the such an event. I personally told some of the people behind this "JOKE" are you Crazy, I will not pay to EARN an AWARD. I have morals and dignity. As you saw the price increased to such as "VIP" amount of $500 up to $1000 per person.

Well, I would not pay it because even the Grammy do not cost the price.

So on March 8, 2010 I was called to cover the event for my #1 publication who reaches over 19 million readers per month. I did not believe it. I called the supposed "PR" = Public Relations person and he say the the organizer of the event wanted me to cover the WEHO Awards 2010 for Well I did not have any other plans, So I say yes. I drove to WestWood and when I got there. It was a mess. The person on the check-in did not know what to do!

Finally, somebody make the call saying the no more people allowed and the every one was late? Well there were about 35 people still in the Palomar Hotel. Well, I do not put my self down. So I called the PR person and he told to the check in person which he told him the somebody else of suppossed "Facilities Person" made the call the nobody else is allowed because it is too late. I gave the phone to the check in person and he spoke with the "PR" Person who have called me at 10 am to get me ready to cover the event and even called me 10 minutes before reaching the hotel checking on me. Which I told him I was in the corner, he say was fine and just to check in when walk to the hotel. Even I called him when I got there and he say just to walk inside and and make a left to check in.

After the "PR" person who made me drive from Hollywood to WestWood spoke with the check in person. I got the phone and he told me the it is was late to get on the shuttle (There were still 35 people waiting at the hotel at the moment). Any way he told me it is was too "LATE" and nobody else is allowed to the Playboy Mansion. I say ok, then I will go home. Which I told the check in person who did not how to handle the situation and did not knew whom he was dealing with.
Any way this WEHO Awards is a JOKE and I want to tell all you to please do not waste your time or money on something the only the "Governors" and organizers will benefit from it.

It is about them, not the community of West Hollywood. Please contact the City Council of West Hollywood and tell them to take over this event.
I can continue on and on and some of the emails I got, but I just want to move on and forget about the nightmare of THE WEHO AWARDS 2009 - 2010. Even my well known industry friends told me I was wasting my time and unfortunally they were right. I got lots of people and organizations nominated for this Award, but it was just a JOKE and WASTE of my time and theirs. So Next time watch out about SPAMS.

NOTE: The Opinions Expressed on this article, are the sole responsibility of the author which are Protected under the USA Constitution of AMERICA and the First Amendment of the USA and it do not reflects the opinion of the owners of Diversity News Publications and EEEnterprises. All Rights are Reserved. Violation and censorship are punishable by local, state and Federal Laws.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The City of Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau Abusing The Visitors & Citizens


I was dropping my friend in front of his home. Five day later I get a letter from the City of LA Parking Violations Bureau with an apology stating the the driver was not able to cite me on the day the I drop my ill friend who was not able to walk.
Will have TV networks to investigate The City of Los Angeles on this parking meter practices. They want visitors to come and expend their money but they are taking advantage by citing them with high tickets. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, please give us the visitors and citizens of Los Angeles a break.

(This to be continue)

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