Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FOX X Factor USA Premiere a Nightmare Thank to APPLAUSE STORE - a big SCAM

Hello my Fans, Friends and Loyal Readers,

I am not Perez Hilton, but I want you to know and I share with all you that I was so excited to be part of this experience, but became a nightmare for me and my friends. I was not sure what to expected, so I email in private emails, social media like Facebook, LinkedIn the I was going to the THE X FACTOR™ HOLLYWOOD WORLD PREMIERE on 9/14! to  to join, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, LA Reid and Nicole Scherzinger. Let me tell you the we waiting outside the ArcLight Cinerama Dome located at 6360 W. Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA  on the line for 3 hours. 
Something else to mention was the on the ticket requested "DRESS TO IMPRESS!!!" well let me tell you the people were in shorts and t-shirts. Any how I do not care of their image. Let me copy what the ticket from APPLAUSE STORE USA says:

This Official Applause Store eTicket is valid for: 4
Venue Map & DirectionsDoors open: 16:30 pm
Doors close: 17:00 pm
Finish (approx): 19:30 pm
Min Age: 13+ (Photo ID required)
Dress code: DRESS TO IMPRESS!!!
**AS THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE PRIORITY PASS TICKET, YOU (& YOUR GUESTS) MUST ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE DOORS OPEN FOR GUARANTEED ENTRANCE. PLEASE ENSURE YOU REPORT TO THE APPLAUSE STORE MANAGER UPON ARRIVAL.You are now officially invited to join SIMON COWELLPAULA ABDULL.A. REIDNICOLE SCHERZINGER and STEVE JONES at theEXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIER of THE X FACTOR in HOLLYWOOD!Have you got what it takes to go interact directly with THE X FACTOR judges? Have you always wanted to ask Simon, Paula, Nicole, L.A. and Steve Jones a cheeky question? Well now you can also be part of the live Q&A! How amazing is that!!!
Upon your arrival, you join the entire X Factor team at the Hollywood World Exclusive Premiere red carpet, meet all the judges and then get a front row seat to see the first episode of THE X FACTOR before it premiers on FOX on September 21st!
This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a first glimpse of Simon Cowell's new show that is searching for the next great superstar or group who are all competing for the biggest prize in television history; a $5 million Sony Music recording deal and an appearance in Pepsi's 2012 Superbowl spot. 

I can tell you the after we (me and my friends) were admitted we were routed to the red carpet, where the venue? or FOX or Applause Store USA staff security would want to keep us there. The reason they wanted media/press outlets to report and show the hundreds of people were there for the premiere but the is just acting.
Any how I was in there for about 2 hours, I wanted to go to bathroom and this STUPID security wanted me to go out, I told him there is no bathroom there and he say you must be outside of the Theater. I told him I really need to use the restroom. Finally I was routed and when I was close to Theater this person told me the with the pass I have I would not have access to heard  SIMON COWELLPAULA ABDULL.A. REIDNICOLE SCHERZINGER and STEVE JONES speaking. 

I told my friends to live the place, but some of them stayed and didn't care be treated like second class citizens. Any how when I was leaving I approached the main publicist, event I gave her my business card. Let me tell you the I tried first to go as regular fan of the show, but I saw couple non reputable media/press outlets representatives crashing on the event and they got ALL ACCESS CREDENTIALS. So when leaving I told them who I was and was refer to the person in charge. A Chinese women which I introduced my self and even gave her my media/press representation business card. Yes I  represent Diversity News Magazine, and  Any how she told me to wait. I waited more, shen she left and I saw she even left my business card on the table. This women needs some ethical and professional training.
I finally gave up and yes at the end of the day, I learned my lesson the because of this I will not watch The X Factor USA, but I will give FOX Networks, FOX TV a second chance. Contact me at: or call me at (213)321-9408.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Hollywood and Highland Complex SICK of Parking Rip-off by New South Parking Company

Today Monday, September 12, 2011 I went to cover an event at The Grill on Hollywood Blvd inside the Hollywood and Highland Complex and I was there less then 2 hours and when I was driving to pay with my validated parking the attendant say it was $6.00 and I told him the my ticket was validated and he say that you need to pay after 2 hours? If you see the photo it says the you pay only $2.00 dollars with validation after 4 hours. 

I am so sick of Hollywood and Highland Complex because they always rip-off people and they do not care. Like this person who charge me he even did not wanted to accept cash for the payment. He is a lazy employee who say he did not care about me writing and complaining about this terrible experience.
So I ask you not to park at the complex any more, take the bus or ask somebody to drop you off. By doing so, the parking company will not get enough customers to park there and they will loose their jobs. Also the will affect the business owners of the complex but the fault is on New South Parking staff who do not care about your complaint. This guy (male) say he was doing his job. They event blame the business owners, not sure if business owners do not want to pay for their customer parking but hey that's a business expense for them and they can write it off when they pay their business, state and federal taxes.

For your information: The underground parking facility for the Hollywood and Highland complex is operated by New South Parking, a partnership between the largest parking company in North America, Central Parking (HQ in Nashville) and Global Parking Systems (HQ in Indianapolis). The logo is Central Parking's. As of June 30, 2007, Central Parking operated approximately 3,000 parking facilities containing approximately 1.4 million spaces at locations in 37 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Switzerland and Greece.

So I can tell you from now on I will avoid to park in the complex.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Like Esteban "Steven" Escobar Official Facebook Fan Page


Hello all my fans and friends,

This month which is my Birthday month I need you to show me your Love, Support and help me by LIKE my fan page, share it and ask your friends to LIKE it.

I've just gotten a cool new username for my Facebook Page. Please help me grow the page by doing 3 quick things: (1) like the page, (2) like this wall post and (3) share this page with a Facebook update that says: "C heck out my friend's new page,, for the tips on running your marketing efforts on social networks."

If you already did, I want to say again THANK YOU.

Thank you for all your support, Love and help.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Steven Escobar Unveils Official Facebook Fan Page

Hello every one, please check out my official Facebook welcome fan page. Yes lots of creative things are happening with Diversity News Publications and we are working very hard to brand our products and services and as well our people who are part of Diversity News Publications. 
So take a minute to check out my Official Facebook Fan Page and add me or LIKE me. 

Here is the link, please click to LIKE now

Thank you.

Congratulations & Happy Birthday To The Man In Charge Esteban Steven Escobar

Yes, September is my Birthday and I am so happy the Diversity News Magazine, published by Diversity News Publications is featuring and unveiling me on the front cover page of their special print edition for the month of September 2011. 

Please check it out and feel free to leave me any comments. Thank you and Happy Safe Labor Day Weekend 2011 to all my fans, friends and The Diversity News Publications Family of Companies. Please check Diversity News Magazine at and Diversity News Publications at

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Steven Escobar Unveils Official Diversity News Radio, On AIR with Steven Escobar Poster

Hello my fans and friends,
Have you notice my Official Diversity News Radio, On AIR with Steven Escobar Poster? Well I hope you like it and one again your comments is always welcome. 

Please remember to listen and follow my radio show at   
Thank you for your support.

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