Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's All Boycott Rite Aid Pharmacy Worldwide, especially Rite Aid Pharmacy in Hollywood

As I wrote on my Facebook account on Friday, February 25, 2011. I told you the I will be blogging about the bad service provided to me at Rite Aid on Gower and Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA. The Pharmacist and their clerks do not care about you get well, they even do not follow your doctor prescription orders. What kind of pharmacy is that? I have notice that they care to become richer and richer and they give to their customers just pure excuses. Honestly I stopped at the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions because it was a raining day here in the  Southland and is close to my home.
But when I pick up my prescriptions this pharmacist was given me less of what the doctor have prescribe. I told her the I will contact my insurance company and then I walked to the manager who is a Latino man who did not do anything, just waste my time. Any how I needed also some vitamins and they did not have it, so I have to drive during the hard raining and I saw another Rite Aid. I park my car and call my insurance company and spoke with a representative that told me that I can have the amount of pills I needed but because I left already and pay Rite Aid for the pills that they gave me, then she can not authorize the additional pills. You see what happens, next time do not leave the pharmacy get on the phone with the insurance company and they can tell those "Pharmacists" to get their act together.

Here is what I need from you all my readers, please Boycott RITE AID Pharmacy WorldWide. Let's make sure they go out of business for not caring about us the customers. I never want to go RITE AID stores and pharmacies and you should do the same. Thank you.



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