Friday, February 18, 2011

Hearing the name VENICE BEACH, CA makes me SICK

I guess since my experience last year on 2010 when I went with this actress to eat and drink. Well we order food and when it was time to pay, they have lost my credit card. I usually never ever carry CASH. So we waited for over 1 hour and they can not find the credit card. Any how to make short story. The manager apology and even offered us more free food and drinks and signed a $50 discount for next visit. I told him I will never come back, but my starving actress took the voucher.

So please do not ask me to go to VENICE BEACH, CA because my experience is very bad. I saw while walking by the peer drug users, dirty streets, Pop users (Mariguana), drinkers, kind of some business owners. Sorry dear City of Venice, CA residents and city council, but you got alot of work to do to fix the city and make it for visitors to come back. It is also hard to believe the actress  lives in the ghetto neighborhood, oh well I guess that's her choice because she got lots of money. Since the time I never went back and never hope.



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