Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kat (Katharine) Kramer, daughter of Stanley Kramer Copyright Infringement Violation

My Dear Fans, Sometimes is hard to deal with people who try to be Smart but they are Stupped. I do not like to be the bad guy but some people are taking advantage of others in this case you can read my story posted on Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News Publications of what Katharine Kramer aka Kat Kramer did to our company Diversity News TV. Please read article and share it let every one know about this kind of people in Hollywood.
Breaking News: Katharine Kramer aka Kat Kramer, daughter of Stanley Kramer Copyright Infringement Violation  Thank you.



Storybellz said...

Steven, I understand that times are hard, but do you really have to stoop so low as to contrive a case against this woman---just to get some money? It's not worth it dude. Cause it's making you look like a douche bag. I guess to start something like this, you must be pretty desperate, and I'm sorry if you are. But, you'll be a lot more desperate afterwards! No one will want to work with you, then you'll REALLY need money!

Bow out, dude. Just bow out.

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