Sunday, November 4, 2018

Steven Escobar Is Not Attending 2018 Miss Asia USA by Virgelia Productions

To those who expect me to attend Miss Asia USA, Miss Latina Global and Miss Europe Global cultural  pageants by Virgelia Productions. 

First let me share the news that I am not attending because Virgelia Villegas from Virgelia Productions who always promise to give me VIP tickets ends bailing out or creates a problem/issue at the last minute and because of that she doesn’t fulfill her agreement.  Also Virgelia Villegas who I had been working for years behind the scenes don’t acknowledge the truth success of her pageants or fashion show production which are the consultants/contractors including volunteers that works 6 months before the pageants by using all their skills that makes her success. 

However Virgelia Villegas from Virgelia Productions wants to take all the credit but the reality is that there are lots of people that needs to be thank that makes her Productions a success. She doesn’t want to accept the truth and do that even though she may underpaid me or you for your services.  I really love and like her but she is ashamed of you to know that I been working with her behind the scenes for many years. I can say if you visit or google is all about Miss Asia USA, Miss Latina Global, Virgelia Productions and Virgelia Villegas.

  I am not ashamed of showing off of who. I work or had worked. For Virgelia Villegas I had created her footprint on the internet. I know she may bad mouth me saying I am a bad person but the truth is that she has no proof.

 I do not owe money or anything to anyone. Even there are no lawsuits in any court because of money that I may owe.  Instead People out there owe me money or even stole my money. FYI; I just got my criminal background check again by the department of justice and I can share with you that I am clear.  
I hope she realized who are loyal and hard working people. Thanks and Good Night, Steven.

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